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Attention: Rhys Lobo

Jonker Auto Group would like to thank Rhys for the superb job he did for our all our managers in the recent redeployment of our company’s cell phone plan.

The switch over to all new phones and provider went like clockwork. We could not believe how this typically painful movement of data, contacts, files and telephone providers was done so easily.

The best part was the savings. We had no idea that we were paying way too much for all our various plans and that we were not utilizing the synergies of a much larger buy. This was truly a fantastic benefit.

Everyone was also very happy to get the latest and greatest new phones.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Rhys Lobo and his company Prodigy Mobility for your company.

Great job Rhys!

Yours very truly,

Jonker Auto Group (Honda / Nissan)

Karel Jonker

“That’s Jonker with a “J”

“Because a Jonker Deal is Worth the Drive”

Karel Jonker, Jonker Auto Group (Honda / Nissan)

When it came to our corporate cellular account, Prodigy Mobility paved the way for better value at a fraction of the price. With their direct relationship with the top cellular providers, Pacbrake was able to find a customized plan that fit our business needs. Their aim to beat any current plan your company may have means that there is absolutely nothing to lose.I highly recommend any business to give Prodigy Mobility a try.

Ryan Marander, Pacbrake Business Development Manger

Rhys Lobo has offered excellent client service with taking our existing personal phone plan and transformed it into a corporate account.  He presented me with various very well detailed option plans and assisted in making the right choices that suited our business needs.

Ultimately he has saved us money and continues to make sure that we are getting the best value with our plan.

I highly recommend his fast, friendly service.

Gabi Sprake, Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc.

On our recent cell phone contract completion, we utilized the services of Rhys Lobo to survey the market and provide options for new contracted cell services.

Rhys was able to negotiate a new contract that resulted in several thousand dollars of saving over 3 years which far exceeded what would have been obtained through our own efforts.

We found Rhys to be honest reliable in all representations to us, pleasant to deal with, and thorough in the transitions services he provided.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any organization that is looking for a broker of cell phone services and equipment.

Gerald Dueck, Titan Construction Company Limited

This unsolicited letter of reference it provided to Rhys Lobo of Prodigy Mobility. We had first worked with Rhys about 3 years ago when I requested him to come up with a cell phone plan that would best suit our needs. Rhys through his diligent hard work not only provided with us with the best plan available but provided excellent after sales service.

This year when our plan came up for renewal, Rhys again provided us with a plan backed by factual data to ensure we were not only getting the best plan in the market, but were actually saving money. His after-sales service only grew better.

I am fully confident in endorsing Rhys Lobo and Prodigy Mobility to provide excellent and reliable service. We are extremely happy customers.
Best regards

Dan Monteiro, Catalyst Training Services Inc.

I would like to recognize one of your staff members, Rhys, with a quick note of appreciation for all the thought and effort he has put into looking after my small business account.

Rhys has made my move to Preston Mobility a pleasure as I know he will provide the best solution for my business needs. He is professional, always returns my call promptly, and is customer friendly.

I am happy to recommend him as his level of customer service is refreshing to say the least.

Heather Sadler, Copicor Solutions Inc.

Tired, sick, and jet-lagged my 12 hour red-eye trip back from Mexico didn’t seem like it could get any worse, that is until I left my iPhone on the shuttle from the resort to the airport.  After coming up a few pesos short of being able to purchase a wi-fi card, I was able to charm a airport shop keep into giving me a secret wi-fi password which she recovered from a slip of paper located under a box of cookies on a random shelf in the store (true story).  I used the forbidden wi-fi to send Rhys a distress email before boarding my flight at 3 am.

12 hours later when I landed at YVR airport, I was greeted by a family member who had in hand a temporary replacement phone fully charged and programmed with my phone number.  This being my work/personal number, Rhys was an absolute life saver.  Although, this was not the first time Rhys had come through for me, my family members and clients, it was definitely the most impressive.

I highly recommend Rhys from Prodigy Mobility for all your telecommunication needs, not only for the great deals and offers he is able to get for his clients but, also for the amazing level of customer service he provides.

Amar Dhaliwal, Sangam Auto Body