Here at Prodigy Mobility Our Mission is to Provide Our Clients with the Best Possible Mobile Solution

  • We provide to businesses; what Best Buy provides to consumers.
  • We are a value based, contingently paid organization dedicated to service and support.

  • Being carrier agnostic allows us to be unbiased and have our clients best interests in mind.

  • With Decades of experience we have a wealth of knowledge of how the communications industry works.

  • We provide a Snapshot of where your company is in the industry right now and how you can maximize value.

  • We build a unique solution based on your company’s current usage to reduce overage or waste.

Since We Work on Contingency, We Get Paid With Proven Results

On Average Cost Savings
Cellular Devices Deployed
Client Dollars Per Month Saved

Meet Your Team Leaders, Our Gurus.

Rhys Lobo
Rhys LoboCEO

Rhys graduated from North Delta Senior Secondary in 2002; he then went to Kwantlen College where he got his business management diploma.

Rhys started in the wireless industry out of College in 2005. As a call center support representative for Sprint Canada, Rhys learned multiple processes and strategies about the back-end systems. Within 3 months, Rhys was promoted to supervisor and ran a team of 10 people. This developed an understanding of the back-end systems of wireless call center operations, and developed many problem solving and client relation skills.

Rhys joined Futureshop Canada as the Cell shop manager. It was here that Rhys learned the benefit of being carrier agnostic. It provided better value for clients, with better choices, because multiple carriers competed for their business. This also gave Rhys exposure to the diversity and benefits of all the different wireless companies and their strengths and weaknesses.

While working in corporate wireless sales with Bell Mobility. As a Business Development Associate, Rhys learned how clients could benefit from diligent and responsible representatives in the industry.

In 2013, Rhys launched Prodigy Mobility as a wireless business-to-business broker for companies that have 5 to 5000 employees. The goal for Prodigy Mobility is to provide unbiased value for its clients.

Rhys enjoys traveling, and has been all over Canada, the US, Caribbean and Europe with his wife, including a 15 city, 10 country backpacking trip. Rhys also enjoys playing poker and spending time with his family and friends. He is also Vice president of The Fraser Valley Association and past Vice and President of his strata.

Our Vision

When corporations need reliable wireless communication options for their business, Prodigy Mobility will be their preferred experts.

We Provide the Right Mobile Cell Phone Solution

Navigating all the available wireless options can be tricky, especially when it comes to Network; Coverage and Support. We will use our expertise to build a unique long-­‐term plan based on your company’s current usages to reduce waste. Sometimes the most profitable option for the company may not always be the best solution, we give our clients the proper information for them to make an informed decision.

We are a Service and Support Organization

Since we partner with all three wireless providers, our clients enjoy the benefits of a 3rd party company that has their best intents in mind. We partner with the best B2B Award winning dealers in the Western Canada to ensure our clients get the service and support they need.

We are our clients Advocates

We negotiate to the Big three wireless companies on our clients behalf’s. Using our extensive knowledge of the industry and how the wireless dealers work, we leverage our clients’ accounts to negotiate the best available options for our clients. We will make sure our clients get the best value and cost savings.

We Prove Who The Best Provider Is

Every carrier claims they are the best. Using our proprietary techniques we prove to our clients with hard facts who the best provider for their company is. We provide complete picture of where your company is in the industry right now and where you can cut budget.